Zen Cart Mobile

Zen Cart Mobile: This module allows you to have a mobile-friendly home page that is 100% compatible with all cell phones made since 2005. Your new mobile home page is easily modified using the Define Pages Editor and takes less than two minutes to install. Now all users accessing your web site from a mobile phone will see a mobile-compatible web page. This page is easily editable using the Define Pages editor, and may save you a customer. Most web sites are not mobile-friendly, this module redirects your visitors to a page they can easily read from a mobile device.

You could put a phone number on the mobile page to allow the visitor a quick way to get in touch with you, or a simple email form, or extend your mobile site by adding a mobile-friendly search, etc.

The point of the module is that now visitors using a cell phone (or other mobile device) will see a page customized to them and not have to suffer through trying to see your store home page on their tiny screens. PDF | Download

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