Joomla 1.7 System plugins

Today as one of requirement i am going to create a plugin which triggered on page load in joomla 1.7.

i am writing steps :

  1. We need to analyze the requirement and then create a folder as your plugin name .
  2. Need to create configuration xml file for that plugin like akaplugin.xml
  3. Note :Joomla1.7 have different style to start xml
    <extension version="1.7" type="plugin" group="system">

    other then joomla 1.5.

  4. All plugin basic information need to be written in this file .
  5. Now important step : Create main plugin file akaplugin.php in same folder .
  6. in top of the file need to include Joomla core plugin library by adding below code :

    It will include all necessary files from core .

  7. Create a class name as ur plugin like
    class plgSystemAkaplugin extends JPlugin {

    To extend the core JPlugin is very important in your plugin class .

  8. Now need to create function which will execute before any page load name should be same .
     public function onAfterRender(){//... Some code }
  9. This is it for the basic system plugin .

Hope it will help full for all developer .

Enjoy coding:)

Aka …

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