Image Slider WordPress Plugin (akaimage)

A Slideshow or Image Slider provides a beautiful looks to your blog or web site .This wordpress plugin (akaimage) will full the your requirement .

akaimage plugin slider is working with nice jquery plugins imageflow and lightbox so we can give all available affects to our slider /slideshow .

Admin Features

  • Simple Forms & listings to manage category and images
  • Category/image forms and listing in single page
  • Create as many category
  • Upload any number of images to any of the category
  • Add text to each image which will work as caption
  • Auto thumbnails creation
  • Image sorting from image list page
  • Place it anywhere on your website (page or post) using shortcode   “aka_image category=1”
  • In sort code category=0 will display all images from all category
  • Run multiple slideshows on the same page
  • Change animations and handling from plugin files
  • Customize to taste

Front end Features

  • Images will appear with same order as saved from admin
  • Top image will have lightbox popup
  • Side images will be click able to come on top
  • Side images having slant css to look like circle
  • Left right Navigation controls
  • Slider horizontal bar to slide the slide images

Click here to see the demo of the akaimage plugin .

Click here to view WordPress Plugin tutorial for this plugin .

akaimage wordpress image slideshow plugin

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